Monday, June 30, 2008

Second Round of Procrit!

I am actually looking forward to it. Last week I was loathing the idea and this week I can't wait to me stabbed by a needle in the belly! I guess I am ready for this burst of energy. It could take up to 4 injections. I hope not.

I am going to MUSC (Medical University of SC) in Charleston the end of the month. I have an appointment with a Rhuematologist and should get an appointment with a Nephrologist too. Tomorrow, I have an appointment with my hometown Nephrologist to discuss how far along my kidney disease is that is caused by Sjogrens. I know I am in stage 4, but does that mean I have a few months or years until dialysis. What are my chances to stop this CKD if my Sjogrens goes into remission?? Say a prayer that I still have hope. Thanks!

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