Friday, October 24, 2008

The social worker looking me over

I also met with a social worker briefly. She asked a bunch of different questions related to mental health and who would be my primary caregiver.

Social worker: "How do you handle stress?"

Me: "I think pretty good, although my husband would think otherwise this morning."

(the social worker gave me the ole' one eyebrow up trick)

Me: "He wanted me to read a map to get can you read a map if you don't know where you are on the map? Needless to say we had an interesting chat" I chuckled. She agreed with me.

Of course she asked me if I did drugs, smoked, drank alchohol, took pills for mental health, etc. etc. Do we have transportation? Do I take my medicine regularly? Have I ever missed taking my medicine? A lot of the questions overlapped a bit.

I handed her some papers to fill out for the National Transplant Assistance Fund. She said she would fill them out and mail them back to me so I can start fundraising.

I guess I passed her test.....she asked me to be part of a support group she was putting together for transplant patients. (I told her I enjoy talking to others about this and mentioned my blog)

Next....was the nutritionist....and the renal diet!


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I didn't realize how much goes into just getting on the list.

I'm curious to hear more about the renal diet...

Vicky said...

Yeah, I didn't know either. Apparently I am getting off easy because I am under 40. :) I'll be posting about the renal diet later today.

Pam said...

When Bruce and I met with the social worker for my first evaluation, I got asked too what I did to relax. At the time I was playing an online role playing game called Dark Age of Camelot. My reply to the Social Worker was "I kill things". Talk about a look! My hubby and I both cracked up as I explained what I had meant. When the question came up did I know why I was here? My hubby piped up and said "Because the Holiday Inn was full?" Needless to say we were met again with a stone face stare. The rest of the team heard about our answers and since most of them had already met us, they thought it was hysterical and popped in my room to keep up the sense of humor. Never stop laughing!

Vicky said...

Pam, that is too funny. You need to keep a sense of humor during these "trying" times. Sometimes if I don't poke fun at what I am going through...I'd sit in the corner crying! I guess humor is a way to deal with all this craziness!