Monday, April 13, 2009

Interesting Story

I was working over on the cancer clinic side at work and they had a news conference about free screenings of cervical and breast cancer for women over 40 that could not afford health insurance. A lady had an interesting story I would like to share...

Her husband had fought in the Vietnam War and was a pilot. He flew many missions with no problems. On his 75th flight exactly he was flying over enemy land and was shot down. Luckily, he was able to escape the jet before it plummeted to the ground.

On the flip side, he was captured and was held a prisoner of war. After many months he was released and came back to his family in the USA.

About 4 1/2 years later after he served in Vietnam, he and his wife were on vacation in Florida eating dinner. A younger man came up to him and said "Captain are Captain X correct"?

He looked at him a bit baffled and said "Yes, I am. And you are"???

"Sir, I was the one that packed your parachute the day your jet was shot down".

They shook hands and greetings.

Her husband later thought about the whole incident and wondered how many times he passed that airman....didn't even look at him. Didn't care to....after all he was an officer. He made a promise that day no matter who came across his path he would always look them in the eye and smile. Everyone was somebody.

Maybe more of us should be that way....

Just a thought.