Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am in tears of thankfulness...

I was going to wait to blog about this, but it can't wait. SAIC in Tennessee (where my sister Crystal works) is doing a silent bake auction for me today in their lobby of their building. First of all....35 people signed up for this to donate and/or volunteer their time to bake for this.

This fundraiser will go to medical expenses not covered by my insurances. Originally, I was more scared about the financials of my transplant vs. actually having a transplant. My family and friends have told me not to worry about the financials.....we will find a way.

I plan on doing a large post on this with more pictures. I have that lump in my throat you get when you see someone doing good for someone else. My eyes are fighting back the tears.

Thank you SAIC.


peacefulstorm24 said...

Wow, that is awesome, thanks for stopping by my blog. I have RA and Sjorgens Syndrome. Currently the Sjorgens is only affecting my eyes and Silvia. Do you mind me asking u a few questions?

Thanks and god bless,

Vicky said...

Cortnee' Sure, you can ask me on here or email me privately.

peacefulstorm24 said...

I joined Sjogren's World and asked some questions there, if you want to email or chat my info is there...I don't want to put it here on blogger ;)


My Life Works - Living, Learning Lupus Network said...

Sometimes its hard to receive help when you're so used to giving it~ I am so happy to hear you have people in your life who obviously love you very much.

Wishing you the very best always~