Monday, December 8, 2008

My Head Feels Like It Has Helium In It!

I think I have a cold.... and it stinks....I went to be looked at because of the Cellcept I am on. I have to watch for fever, chest congestion, wheezing, or BIG sinus problems.

Sorry, I don't feel like blogging much today. I am tired.

I'll stop with the pity party now...

Good sister's fundraiser at SAIC raised over $1400.00 for medical expenses not covered by insurance for me. I am VERY grateful for all the kind and generous people that helped put this together. It makes me cry...and the way my head feels right now....I don't want to do that!

Take Care!

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Julia said...

Hi Vicky,

Awwww.....hope you feel better soon! Hugs.
What a wonderful fundraiser. It probably means that you are a wonderful person who deserves it!