Monday, January 5, 2009

What a way to bring in the New Year....

If you want a peek at what Hubs, my 2 boys, and I did New Year's Eve... sneak over to 2lilpumpkins .

I woke up to Braydon (my youngest) being sick New Year's Day. That child won't take anything for medicine. I had to force 1 tsp. of children's motrin down his mouth to bring his fever down...I was praying he wouldn't gag and throw it up on me. I decided I would cuddle him that day and stay in my PJ's too. We watched my Clemson Tigers lose to Nebraska in the Gator Bowl. *SIGH* At least my parents were in Jacksonville having fun...or so I thought.

I get a call at work on Friday from my mom saying that she and dad made it back, but she thought she got food poisoning and was going to bed. My hubs calls and says that my dad is taking my mom to the ER. At least Braydon was feeling better and wreaking havoc on my husband.

They admitted mom into the hospital with pneumonia and blood in her stools Friday night. Apparently she had a double whammy of Gastritis and pneumonia. She got to go home yesterday and is resting.

Oh...and my grandma has pneumonia too, but is home resting as well.

The funny thing is that I was the one that was checked twice a week for pneumonia while being sick the past month. I just have a nagging cough that has decided to take up a permanant residency with me.

Don't feel bad for me....I am sitting here with a bowl of chocolate ice cream dipping choclate cookies in it! LOL PLUS...I get another procrit injection tonight.

YES....I am taking a small "cheat" from the renal diet...I need it!

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