Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A day of Doctors!

I am happy to say that my numbers are the same or even better than they were in June. Still high...but not worse! It seems like the past year my numbers continued to get worse every month. My creatine is 3.14 (down from 3.4 a few months ago) My hemoglobin is `11.9 (Hooray....up from 9.4) GFR went up to 17 from 16. This is very positve for me!! I still have a high SED rate and inflamation rate and all that other good stuff they check for Sjogrens. BUN was high too, but that is part of CKD.

I had a wellness check up and my cholestrol, triglycerides, and lipid panel came back with flying colors. My sugar was 75 (fasting). I am happy to say I am at the lowest risk level for heart disease and such. I'M DOING SOMETHING RIGHT! My good cholesterol is just under the normal range, but excercise will get it to where it needs to be at. This is good news for me because it makes me feel like I am one step closer to getting the "OK" to be kidney transplant worthy!

I received an email from my MUSC nephrologist and she was forwarding it to the transplant team at MUSC. She said she will have them contact me and that she was referring me to them a second time. Hopefully they will in the next week or so.

All my doctors seem to be on board with this transplant...so that is good.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your blood work is starting to improve/ I'd love to see it a couple of months after the "new kidney" I bet it will be awesome!

Pel Medlock (Lightning) said...

Hey Vicky, My name is Pelham Medlock and I am from a little place called Possum Kingdom. I received your comment on my blog and have just now had the chance to read some of your blog. I have also sent your link to my great friend Steve Carr. Steve is 3 weeks out from a kidney / pancreas transplant at MUSC. He had a kidney transplant 18 years ago from a living donor, his mother. Steve and I have a lot of ideas and are wanting to help other people through the transplant process. Thanks for reading my blog and sending me a link to yours. I have a blog notification list that I could add you to if you would like. Just send an e-mail to my address lightning@wildblue.net, there is a story behind lightning, and ask to be added to the Blog notification posting. I have been slack the past few weeks but I have a big update coming out, I just returned from MUSC last evening, about my plural effusion. Just remember no mater what comes your way God will see you and your family through it all. I have a daughter that will be 9 Monday and last year her birthday was at my bedside at MUSC but God made everything great. I would like to add you and your family to my prayer list and another web-site that I am the web-master of and that is www.UpstateChristianFirefighters.org so if you would like I can add ya'll but I must have your consent to put your name on the web-site. Keep your chin up even on those days you feel like no one knows what your are going through. God Bless You, Lightning

Vicky said...

Thank you very much Pelham. I would very much appreciate all the prayers and support from others. I'd love to hear Steve and your ideas for people going through a transplant. As far as I know...I don't know anyone that has gone through a transplant. It makes it scary not having someone to talk to at times. My family, friends, and God have helped and listened to me more than I could EVER thank them....but it is comforting to speak to someone who has gone through a transplant of some sort. I will definitely email you.
Thanks again!