Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quick Update!

I still haven't heard from the transplant team at MUSC...I know they are busy! MUSC nephro has contacted me twice this past week. I should be hearing something soon. I guess that is alright since I have found out that my Hubs insurance pays for my part of the transplant, but not the donors!! Talk about a stab to the heart...or errrr kidney? I did a lot of praying...A LOT and I believe my prayers were answered.....

I found out open enrollment at my job is the next few weeks....and there is no pre-condition clause.....and they pay for a lot of my part and the donor's part...and it starts Oct. 1, 2008!! Thank goodness I have my job at the hospital right now. I talked to our HR department and we are double checking everything. I have been told that our insurance is self-insured at the hospital and that my transplant needs to follow a few rules.

1) It must be at "center of excellence"-No problem will be at MUSC!
2) Deemed medically necessary.....No problem there!
3) Hospital stay must be pre-authorized...DUH...that is a given!
4) This one is must be a human to human transplant.

I know that there will be a few other rules, but I hope and think it will be OK. I was told that I will be set up at MUSC housing for approximately 8 weeks after the hospital stay to be closely monitored. I wonder if someone will have to be with me all 8 weeks? I wonder when I'll get to see my 2 boys... I wonder how much the eight weeks will cost.....

I guess I should wait until I talk to the transplant team...I will get a better grasp on what will happen. Better yet....I hope I can talk to someone who has gone through this...or something similiar. I wonder if there is a support group...

It is getting late and as you can see my mind is turning with many questions. Thanks for listening!

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Julia said...

I'm keeping those good thoughts and prayers heading your way, Vicky!