Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Patience, Procrit, and Pondering.....

*finger tapping*

I have learned something about myself....I am not a patient person at times. I am STILL waiting on a phone call from MUSC. I know that TECHNICALLY they have until the end of the week to call me before I call my MUSC nephro next week to remind them to call me. The bad thing is that I know through the next 6 or so months my patience will be tested over and over again.

I had my eighth injection of procrit last night. I cannot stress how much it has helped me. I see the vampires tomorrow for a full blood work-up. Maybe I can go to every other week on the injections. I see both the rhueme and nephro next Tuesday. It will be interesting what they will say from my visit to MUSC.

I sit pondering a good bit....playing out the scene that I will be one of the fortunate ones who find a quick and almost perfect match to my kidney. That part doesn't scare me so much....the actual surgery doesn't is the 3 months or so after the transplant. It reminds me of my high risk pregnancies....I need to get through the first trimester and the chances of my body rejecting it is much less. I am nervous because I know I have very high ANA, SSA, and SSB antibodies in me. BUT...I tell myself the transplant team knows how to handle this. They may not have dealt with Sjogrens and kidney failure but they are very familiar with Lupus and kidney failure....and that is an autoimmune disease. I hope MUSC tells me that they have dealt with this before and have had favorable outcomes.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait until we get the ball rolling! I hope you have fun with the vampires tomorrow!