Friday, November 7, 2008

Today is the DAY!!!!!

I receive word from my transplant coordinator that my case is up for review this morning at MUSC. I should know by this afternoon if I am put on the national transplant list. Everything looks favorable, but you never know. I know a co-worker's father was turned down by MUSC, Emory, and was finally taken by a hospital in Jacksonville, FL. He is doing well with his lung transplant. I believe it has been over 3 years for him.

I got great news about the cost of my procrit injections. I now can get 6 injections for $10.00!!!!! YES, ONLY 10 DOLLARS! I was paying $100.00. I just about jumped over the counter and kissed the pharmaceutical tech. I also found out that with my new insurance at work that my approximate out of pocket amount for post transplant meds should be $105.00 a month. Can you believe it??? God is good. It looks like medicare will not be needed by me because I will have to pay them $100.00 a month for them to pick up about $75.00 a month in co-pays. I know it sounds confusing....but basically I would be spending an extra $25.00 or so a month needlessly if I got medicare. (I am talking about the prescription part...not the one that helps with medical bills) It is baffling and I am still learning. So make sure you do your own research if you are in a similar situation.

I will post later today when I hear from MUSC. Keep your fingers crossed!

I am not accepted yet. They want to check one more resource to make sure that the timing of the transplant doesn't interfere with the Sjogrens!!??????!! I should know an answer Tuesday. I am not a happy camper.

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