Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Transplant Medicine Costs.....

and all my tests for the pre evaluation are officially turned into MUSC. Woo-Hoo!!! I wonder if they will review my chart transplant this Friday or next??? The transplant team evaluates each person wanting to do a transplant every Friday morning. This will let me know if I am officially put on the transplant list. Again, hopefully we have a live donor.

I turned in my list of post transplant medicine that they give most people when discharged from the hospital. The cost without insurance is over $4400.00 a month. YIKES! My good friend is a pharmacist here where I work and she is looking up the costs of the drugs with my 2 insurances. We are also trying to decide if I should pick up medicare. (I am eligible for medicare even though I am young for 3 years after the date of transplant). Does medicare pick up the co-pays? Anyone know how this works? I will update soon when I find out more.

Oh and one more thing....a nice thing....I was awarded a Kreativ Blogger Award from Maria @ My Life Works Today . She has Lupus Nephritis in stage 4 which is similar to Sjogrens and CKD. Thank you Maria for this go visit her site!


GrandmaKathleen said...

Congratulations on winning this award. Your site is so filled with information and you have beautifully journaled your illness.
BTW Good luck with getting your prescriptions as low as you can. You might want to write to the manufacturers of these medicines, they might have a program for needy patients.

My Life Works - Lupus Living Network said...

My pleasure, Vicky - I truly enjoy keeping up with you and wish you the very best.

As for the battle with meds, I'm lucky to have the manufacturer allow me on their prescription assistance long as I remain at poverty level.

Always a trade-off ~ but grateful for the relief Cellcept has given me

Take good care