Thursday, November 13, 2008

An update....kinda!

Sorry for the delay. I couldn't post anything on blogger yesterday!! I do have what I think is good news....

First, let me say that I still don't have the FINAL answer, BUT I did talk to my transplant coordinator yesterday and her exact words were...

"I think you will be positively accepted". about me being a bundle of nerves...I feel sorry for my husband, family, and close friends that have had to put up with me the past few days. I have been snappy....and I apologise from my heart. Thank goodness they are understanding!

OK...back to my conversation with Jennifer, my transplant coordinator... She preceded to tell me that they were reviewing my chart with one of the physicians that has been out of town. They are looking over me this afternoon. It is not a matter of if I will get is a matter of how to care for my unique situation prior, during, and after transplant. They want to give me the best possible care and know exactly what to do for me.

SO, I think I will get good news by tomorrow. I am still a little nervous...I just want the final OK and be told I am put on the list!

One thing I have learned about this situation and myself is that I can't deal with the big picture. I know what I want it to be....but I need to concentrate on one hurdle at a time. Right is getting on the list and being accepted on MUSC's transplant program. All the other things......just are not as important as this first step for me. Soon this will be a memory and I will concentrate on finding a live donor.

Thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts being sent my way!

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Anonymous said...

You are such a strong person Vicky, you don't even know. We talked about this today already, but I can understand about the whole picture. It gets frustrating, but you can do this. And don't worry about snapping at me, I know I'm still your favorite!

Cause we're partners in crime!