Monday, February 2, 2009

The Vampire Results Are In...

I had bloodwork done last week and here are the latest set of numbers. (Sorry, I like to put them on here because it helps me have a place that I write them down and not lose them).

Sjogren's numbers...
RA 127.8 (still high, but better than last month and definitely better than the over 2000 a couple months ago) ANA TITER 1:320 (same as last month)
SSA 453 (High, but improving over last month)
SSB 578 (Again high, but slightly better than last month)

Kidney numbers...
Creatinine 3.1 (Woo-hoo, a little better)
BUN 38 (same as always)
GFR 17 (isty bitsy better than last month)
My Potassium, sodium, and phosphorus are all in normal ranges thanks to the renal diet!!! No Fluid restrictions...thank goodness.

Hemoglobin 11.6 (MUCH better than last month)
Hemacrit 34.6 (MUCH better than last month)

Now for the interesting numbers....
Iron 35 (LOW)
Iron Saturation 9 (Very LOW)
Vitamin D-Hydroxy 17.8 (Very Low)

I am researching why these are low and I know it has something to do with my kidney function. The procrit is making red blood cells for me, but if my iron is low the procrit won't work properly....HENCE WHY I AM STILL SO TIRED!!! Not sure what's up with the vitamiin D...I just know it is common in ESRD. I guess I'll do some research, talk to my doctors about it and have some new material to write about on here.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

It's interesting that your iron and vitamin D levels were low. I've been researching that myself.

(I have sjogren's and last fall, we discovered my levels - iron and D - were crazy low. I'm still trying to figure that out.)

I'm not by here often, but I think of you often and I hope you are remaining hopeful - can't wait to hear the good news someday soon.

Vicky said...

Hmmmm....well maybe it is a sjogrens thing too. I'll have to research later this week and post. Good to see you again Lisa!

Pam said...

Vicky, the iron and Vitamin D thing are related to the kidney issue. I'm assuming the Vit D hydoxy (sp?) is the same test as the Vit D 1.25? My iron was really low and the Vit D was at 7.2 so diabetic dr put me on 1000mg daily Vit D pill. I think I was actually suppose to take that pill 2x a day but for some reason chose not to. My level has come up now to 37 but needs to be in the 60's. A bunch of us who got our transplants the same week are getting together on Friday, Feb 13 to celebrate our 1 yr anniversary. We've all stayed in contact and it amazes me at how in the midst of the storm, God's hand can still be seen even if you're too tired to feel his touch. Your creatine number is great in keeping steady, that is WONDERFUL! I hung around 2.7 - 3.3 for about 10 years. Once spiked at 3.7 but it returned to 3.1 after a bit. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and soon you will be amazed at how far you've come. You can do it, I have confidence in you!

Vicky said...

Pam, Congrats on your upcoming 1 year anniversary!! Woo-HOO! I know you were steady with your creatine number for a good bit...didn't it just bump up all of a sudden the winter before transplant? I sometimes wonder if I should wait to see if I can beat what the Doctors say. Another part of me just wants to get this done and ensure I don't start dialysis yet. I have been told if dialysis can be avoided...that is the best scenerio. Were you told the same?

Pam said...

Yes, the hope was to keep me off dialysis for as long as possible. Sometimes when you've been on dialysis the new kidney goes through a "sleepy time". One woman I met at UAB had done hemodialysis for 7 yrs before her transplant last January. She had to continue dialysis about 2+ months until her new kidney "woke up". It was on Easter and Patricia was a strong woman of faith and I can just imagine her joy that day. I wrestled with whether or not I would accept a match if the call came. Had no problems with that by the time it came because of how badly I felt. Don't give it a second thought if you have the chance. Avoid what happens when your Creatine numbers fall below 10! Yes, my numbers spiked in Dec 2007 to over 4 and the night before surgery it was 7.2 It's easy to think you don't really need a new kidney now because you're getting along OK. Believe me though, you don't realize just how bad you do feel compared to what you feel after the transplant. I hope your heroes turns out to be a good match.

Vicky said...

Thanks Pam! You have helped me realize that this is the best scenerio for me. I hear that from the docs, but it is good to hear it from you too.