Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A bit on the tired side

I am having a few days of being fatigued. I think this it is mixed with laziness. Sometimes I wonder if I am being flat out lazy or if I really am exhausted.

Is there a difference? Yes, I think there is most of the time....but every once in awhile I feel it is a strange combination of both. I feel that right now.

Do I listen to my heart and rest?

Do I listen to my head and know that if I just get going I will be ok? (for the time being)

It is a tricky situation. Anyone that has an autoimmune disease or CKD knows what I am talking about. I feel guilty if I listen to my heart. I have responsibilities like my awesome children, great job, and loving husband. If I listened to my head I may pay for it dearly the next few days.

I guess I will compromise with myself.....it is a never ending battle.


Martin said...

Hi :)
Hope your energy levels is up!
Mine is :)

What do you mean by CKD ??
Kind regards

Vicky said...

Hi Martin,

CKD is Chronic Kidney Disease. It is believed that Sjogrens possibly has caused this in my kidneys. I am bordering on stage 4/stage 5 and on the kidney transplant list. The damage is irreversable so for me to be around for a LONG time, I will be needing the transplant. This is why I write about both on here since they are linked together. (At least that is what the biopsy and tests have claimed)

I am feeling at bit better. Thanks!

Martin said...

Vicky Sorry to hear about your kidney issue. No doubt it is connected with the sarcoid, even if the viopy were negative chances for a connection is significant.

After your succssesfull Transplant I would advise you to consider using the Marshall Protocol to treat you sarc. Many sarc. patients have revcovered their heatlh that way, also people with kidney problems.

Barney is one of them... you can read more about it at my site and the site I give links to. One of the medicines they use are especially protective if of the kindeys, its called Benicar and should be administrated 40mg evert 4-6 hours in you case. I would ask doc for that prior to transplant.


Kind regards

Martin said...

Sorry, brainfog.... did I say sar? I meant sjogrens. But It dosent matter really. They are both chronic infections damaging oour organs...

here is an interview you might be interested in... (and the whole blog for that matter.

blog: www,bacteriality.com

Vicky said...

Thanks Martin

I will bring it up with my transplant docs and take a look at your friends blog. I have learned to educate myself about different treatments and keep my mind open to anything.