Sunday, May 31, 2009

It Has Been Awhile!

I have been busy since we got back from our little vacation. (a much needed or else I was going to go crazy vacation) Nolan was in his end of the school year play that the 4K performed. He was a rock star...and quite the "star" of the show I might add. Yes, I am a proud mommy! I can't believe he will be going to kindergarten in a few short months. Gah!

My blood work has come back and my creatinine is starting to creep back up a little. It was 2.8 this last month. Up from 2.6, but better than the 3's it has been in the past year or so!

I have been working on a small personal project of mine with my family to help raise money for the costs of transplant not covered by insurance for me and my living donor. We will be selling t-shirts to help raise organ donor awareness. I will post a pic of them as soon as they are done. I am excited and many others are as well!

Now....for the best news. I have a match for a living donor. So far, everything looks good as far as the cross matching, tissue typing, etc. He has to go to MUSC June 10-11. Please pray that all his tests come back that he his as healthy as a horse. :) Also, his family has a few concerns about organ donation, please pray that they find total peace with him being my hero. They support him, but are scared for him a bit....understandably. The concerns I have heard his family express are just "myths" and I think with educating them on living donors it will calm their fears a lot.

I will announce who it is as soon as I ask him and his family if I can blog more about it...specifically more about him! I would like to tell the world who my hero is. (even if it comes back he will not be able to donate to me)

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Anonymous said...

That's great news Vicky! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that everything continues to go well.