Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ode To Procrit Injections & My Kidneys

Oh procrit, you have helped me along the way,
Giving me enough energy to feel okay.
I guess you can say you have given me my life back,
even though your sting is like a bee attack!

Oh procrit, you help me make enough red blood cells,
Because my kidneys want to shut down & fail.
At times it is quite funny you see,
I have this love/hate relationship with thee!

Oh procrit, my kidneys would be lost without you,
I can't wait to get a transplant so that I may say adieu!

This Ode was brought to you by a very silly moment. I don't take responsibility for my mood swings. :) If you want serious information on what procrit injects have done for me...go here!

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