Sunday, May 3, 2009

Update on my numbers..

Well, actually it is on my kidney numbers. I am not due for a huge autoimmune work up until transplant or August...whichever comes first. The cellcept was working for the 4 months in a row according to the collected data for the Sjogrens. They continued to inch down. :) Hence why no new numbers there.

Are you ready for this??? My creatinine was 2.6 a couple weeks ago!!! I went from 3.5 in Jan 2009 to 2.6 april 2009. My BUN was 38, hematacrit 32.9, hemoglobin 11.3. Not too shabby. I have a Nephrologist appointment in a couple weeks and I am going to ask that when I get my monthly labs for them to be sure to double check that creatinine. A few people seem to think it could be a lab error, but I honestly feel good the past couple weeks. I told my hubs that prior to getting the results.

I have been told that my kidneys are too far damaged to save them and that it would be only a matter of time before dialysis. This past winter was rough and I thought it was knocking on my door...but I swear I feel good. 3 weeks ago I didn't have enough energy to even read to my boys, and now I have gone without taking a nap this past weekend. Woo-hoo!

If my labs are true, I can definitely feel the difference between 3.5/3.1 to 2.6 . My mom believes it is all the prayers I have been getting. I have hundreds praying for me...perhaps over a thousand. I thank you for all the prayers and keep them coming.


Pam said...

Hey Vicky! I'm finally home after 6 wks in the hosp and yes, you can feel the difference when your Creatine gets into the 2.0+ range vs the 3.0+. I've been thinking about you as I went through my ordeal. Don't want to hijack your blog so I'll post all the events and miracles on my blog later. Thanks for mentioning me the day before the surgery. Boy did the prayers work!

Vicky said...

OH...PAM!!! I am so glad you are back. You sound like you are doing well and I can't wait to hear about your surgery and how it went. I have been thinking of you too.