Monday, September 1, 2008

Barney and Sjogrens....

OK, everybody sing....I hate you....You love me....were an unhappy family....with great big aches and dry eyes too....won't you just say adieu! Yeah, my eyes have been giving me a bit of trouble and I am a bit achy the past couple of days. At least the fatigue is under control right now.

Overall, I can't complain. I feel better than I did a couple of months ago. If I feel the same tomorrow I think Ultram will come to the rescue since I will be working. You ask why I don't go ahead and take the Ultram today??? It is best not to take a bunch of this awesome drug when you have severe kidney disease. I take it only when I know I can't lay around. (i.e. work) Don't worry....I take this maybe 2 or 3x a month and in actuality I can take up to 100 mg. every 12 hours without any harm...supposedly. I caution with its use....but it sure does help on rough days!

I received more paperwork on the transplant class. It asks me about 5 pages worth of health questions and it also asks for the names of potential donors with phone numbers. I am to bring my primary caregiver and any potential donors to this meeting. I think I won't have any potential donors there because my sister and uncle live out of state. They will be my first two listed. Then I have 3 friends that are seriously wanting to test for me....Kelly, Wendy, and Anna. I have about 6-8 others that have showed interest and I am suppose to let them know when testing begins....I am not sure how serious they are in this donation thing. I would totally understand if they decide to back out. This is a HUGE step! My parents are unable to donate because of health issues and hubs has type 2 diabetes...he takes the minimum dosage of medicine, but he needs to be healthy for our boys and me when the time comes.

I will be starting Lifechoice Gym in the next week or so. I only pay a little over $8.00 a month for this benefit through work. The personal trainer will provide a program unique to my situation. I can't wait!

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