Saturday, September 27, 2008

Heartbreaking News With A Happy Ending!

This copy of a post is from is from Melissa at Calling All Kidneys. (She donated one of her kidneys to a complete stranger about 2 months ago)

I got the most heartbreaking email yesterday. A lady wrote me asking if I would consider donating part of my liver to her 11-month old son that's dying of liver failure. Unfortunately, liver failure is very progressive with no real treatment. So, he doesn't have much time. It is possible to donate part of your liver and your liver will regenerate itself. They put part of your liver in the recipient, and it also grows to a full liver. Anyway, it broke my heart to have to tell her that I was not able to donate part of mine at this time.

"Update on 11-month-old needing liver"

I wanted to update everyone on the last post. I let everyone know that there was a family looking for a liver for their 11-month old boy.

I have wonderful news!

The night of this post, early in the morning, he received a cadaver liver.

The last I talked to the family, he was doing well.

Thank you to everyone that contacted me regarding this. I'm sure I'll be contacted about more in the future.

This story had me tears....both at the time of the baby needing a liver transplant and afterwards....tears of joy! Please pray for this little baby.

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