Monday, September 15, 2008

Transplant Class on Thursday

Well....the time has finally come. The ball is rolling on the kidney least the first step. I have a mandatory class to attend in Greenville, not Charleston this time. I am thankful of that because of gas prices. I will only need to take a 1/2 day off at work. I hope to learn a great deal at this 3 hour seminar, but I have been told a big part of it is compensation and legalities.

You want to hear something funny....maybe even crazy....I went for a job interview for a promotion at work. Hopefully, I will hear something back this week. I know I put my best foot forward and if it is meant to be....then it is meant to be. A year or even 6 months ago I would have been upset if I didn't get this promotion and now I know it is whatever God has in store for me. I really feel myself changing inside. I think it is for the better. ;) So keep praying for me! It is keeping my numbers steady....the first time in 2 years! Thank you!

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