Friday, September 12, 2008

Procrit is now....drumroll please....

Every other week! After 12 weeks of procrit injections we are now trying a schedule of getting one every two weeks and see what my numbers do. My hemoglobin was 11.6 and my hemacrit was 33.7. Hopefully, it will be OK and I won't feel too tired by the end of week 2. We will see....

I didn't realise how bad I felt 3 months ago. Looking back now I am amazed at the strength I did have. I know I am strong and I had support from my family and friends that helped me carry through the bad days that seemed to have been endless. I still have an occasional bad day or two, BUT not like I did before. I can do more, but have to pace myself and listen to my body.

I have my transplant class next Thursday. My sister is driving down from Tenneesee to go with me. My husband and Mom are planning on going too. I will have a lot to update at that time.

A man named Steve I know who had a kidney/pancreas transplant 7 weeks ago is doing great. He is meeting with SC officals and the head of the transplant at MUSC to discuss raising money for research to help prolong an organ's life. Also, to build a house for people who have transplants where you can rent a room for minimum $$$. It is going to be modeled like a Ronald McDonald House, but for transplant patients and their families. I asked him if there was some way I can help him reach his goals because I would LOVE to be part of this.

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