Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Charleston South Carolina

I love Charleston. I haven't been there in almost 4 years even though I live less 4hours away. I can't wait til the end of the month when I go to MUSC and stay for an extra day to play. I have visions of taking a carriage ride at dusk through the cobblestone streets in the historic district. Also, eating at a fine trendy establishment with hubs and staying at a very quaint Bed & Breakfast that has a turn down service that places chocolates on my pillow. Oooohhhh. Unfortunately, it may be the Red Roof Inn across the river in Mount Pleasant. Even that is a whopping $95.00 a night plus a zillion in taxes. I am going to continue to search for that Bed & Breakfast....all the way up to the evening before to get a good deal. At this point even if we made reservations at the Best Western in historic Charleston it goes for $189.00 per night. Whew! I'm not cheap......just frugal! Before the kids, Hubs and I stayed at The Ansonborough Inn .Very nice....my kind of place...."pre-kids". Don't get me wrong....my two little munchkins are worth the sacrafice of staying in luxury. I love them with all my heart, it just would be nice to stay somewhere like this again with Hubs.

Update on Procrit.... Hubs did my injection for me. He did very well! I am really feeling the affect of the Procrit....never thought that I would love an injection in my belly. LOL Anyone who knows me and needles will get a kick outta this because of my phobia of them. Procrit = my life coming back!

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait for you to go to MUSC either. I mean, I hope it helps you.! I know you were really wanting to stay in that bed and breakfast, but I think you will enjoy yourself just as much in a motel!