Saturday, July 26, 2008

I could use Mary Poppins right about now

I wish she was real. I grew up thinking she was. Every time I cleaned my room as a youngster I thought and said out loud "I wish Mary Poppins was here." The funny thing is that I still say that as an adult and I really could use her most weekends. I need her magical ability to sing and clap to tidy things up. Instead of toy soldiers jumping into their toy box...I would have dishes dance their way to the dishwasher and pots would love to scrub themselves. The vacuum would run on it's own while whistling and ALL the laundry would bathe itself while cheerfully blowing bubbles to keep my little toddlers amused.....ahhhhh....that would be nice!

You see...I could have used her "spoonful of sugar" last night and not just on me! LOL My 2 year old got sick and I was up late last night. (he woke up this morning with a smile on his face....feeling much better) I guess mommy's "spoonful of love" worked just fine.

I must go now. I have a sink full of dishes and a couple pots to scrub. I have laundry that is never ending and as far as the vacuuming.....that may have to wait! It depends on how I am feeling. We all know that we need to pace ourselves and not over do it because we will dearly pay for it the next day or so. Ahhhhh....the joy of Sjogrens! Do you think Mary Poppins has a cure for this?

This post was inspired by Julia at Reasonably Well. A great blog on Sjogrens and everyday struggles that we all can relate too!

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Julia said...

Vicky - what a great post. I can just imagine your dancing dishes!
Thanks for the very nice comment about Reasonably Well!