Friday, July 25, 2008

Professional Patient & My Brain Fog This Morning!

First, I would like to thank Val at Professional Patient for mentioning my blog to others. I am hoping I can give hope or at least let others know that they are NOT alone. The Professional Patient is a...

"Guide to managing illness and insurance in the USA. Tips for dealing with doctors, working with your insurance, saving money on meds, coping with chronic illness, etc. From a 30-something Marfan Syndrome and Sjogren's Syndrome patient."

It is a great resource and one that you want to put in your favorites!

And now to my Brain Fog issue.....

I was getting myself ready for work and my kids ready for daycare this morning. As usual time was getting away. Nothing out of the ordinary with 2 toddlers. ;) We ran out the door and started down the road. Half way to the daycare....I realized that my boys did not have breakfast this morning!!!!! OMG! How could I have forgot something like that??? Needless to say Chick-fil-a was a lifesaver this morning! *sigh* The boys love their fresh friut and small hashbrown rounds with milk. LOL

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